Sanrad Medical Systems

Sanrad is an organization specializing in offering affordable medical imaging equipments and providing impeccable after sales & maintenance service since 25 years last.

Dealing with pre-owned Toshiba CT scanners from Japan Sanrad is a market leader in this field with an array of satisfied clientele. Sanrad is widely acclaimed by the medical fraternity in India for its outstanding service with the highest uptime and maintaining excellent customer relationship.

Toshiba needs no introduction as a leading company, well known worldwide and especially in the medical industry for its high quality, innovative & reliable systems. Sanrad, over the years, has installed more than 250 pre-owned Toshiba units in India, a testimony to its commitment to quality and uncompromising service.

As a preferred service provider , we believe in building relations with the Doctors, Radiologists, Engineers, and the key people belonging to medical fraternity, who are instrumental in the establishment of hospitals & new medical facilities across the nation, through trust, integrity and emphasis on quality.

It is therefore not surprising that Sanrad is not only a well-recognized brand for medical Imaging equipment, but also has turned into a concept by itself. This concept embraces a range of customer support systems that have been designed for cost conscious customers in India for a market that is both technology oriented and demanding.

The company’s head office is based in Mumbai (The Financial Capital of India) and has its Sales and Service offices at Bangalore, Bhopal, Coimbatore, Calicut, Mangalore and Pune. All these offices are fully equipped with specialized tools and important spares / parts necessary for prompt service.

Our Mission

01To provide affordable high quality medical imaging equipments and systems to the health care market in India and abroad through.

02Innovative and customer centric approach. Bringing in the latest technology.

03Dependable, quick and efficient service support. Ethical Business practices.

04Training, and development of knowledge driven manpower. By relentlessly pursuing excellence in service support to customers.

Our Vision                                           Core Values

ATo provide high quality and affordable health care solutions for Customers; supported by prompt & efficient service; through medical imaging equipment and systems.

BTo extend our product range, bring in the latest technology in the field of diagnostic services and make them available to common man.

CTo expand our operations across India and to the neighboring countries.

DTo be an integrated participant of health care industry.

01Integrity : All activities are conducted honestly and ethically.

02Respect :The company sincerely respects its customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders.

03Teamwork :The company encourages each employee to be a team player.

04Knowledge :The company strives to keep updated with the latest technology and promotes continuous learning.

05Quality :Our each & every activity is firmly focused on providing unwavering quality products and services.

Message From our CEO

Working with an organization providing Sales and Service for Toshiba Medical Systems, I realized various issues concerning the High End Medical Equipments Sales & Services to Customers. Equipments like CT Scanners, MRI, and other high- end medical diagnostic equipments were available only in the big cities and major hospitals. In an effort to bring such high end equipments at lower cost within the reach of hospitals, small cities and rural population, we introduced pre-owned high quality equipments from Japan along with strong technical service backup in INDIA.

This change happened when most of the diagnostic imaging equipment business in our country was controlled by the Multinationals. Today, we are proud that we dictated this change and brought the state of art technology within the reach of everyone and changed the market. Customers those who have experienced us, would swear by our purpose and existence.

On this platform, it is quite imperative to owe our success to our esteemed clients for the trust and understanding and also to our dedicated employees who have been the backbone of the leading edge performance. It has undoubtedly been a great journey of over 18 years. The journey has been full of excitement,
challenges and unmatched experience for creating a full-service integrated marketing organization.

Sanrad, since the very beginning has been at the fore front of delivering superlative performance. Our performance characteristics are uniquely defined by our work culture and everything we do. Our culture begins with our four values that drive our day to day activities: Integrity, Involvement, Innovation and Trust.

Today, we work with a cross-section of Brands from varied Industry verticals who are leaders in their respective domain and we are proud to share success and equity in the market place. Strong ethical business practices provide the foundation on which we are building Sanrad Medical Systems, a company  determined to change the way-change happens, and thus Sanrad.

" We look forward to a Relationship for life "

Ratish S Nair


Our Service

Dealing with pre-owned Toshiba CT scanners from Japan Sanrad is a market leader in this field with an array of satisfied clientele. Sanrad is widely acclaimed by the medical fraternity in India for its outstanding service with the highest uptime and maintaining excellent customer relationship......

Sanrad introduces superconducting 1.5T MRI with less helium boil off based on a revolutionary Japanese magnet and cold head technology, it is the most state of art super-conducting MRI with shortest bore length and large magnet aperture. This MRI is equipped with the latest ultra fast EPI......