Sanrad Medical Systems: Carving a niche in radiology market

By : Express HealthCare
Posted on: Wednesday, August 14, 2013

M Neelam Kachhap visits Sanrad's Peenya facility in Bangalore to gain a better insight on the refurbished medical equipment industry

Peenya, Bangalore is considered to be one of the largest industrial areas in Asia and houses some of the most reputed medical and pharmaceutical companies in India.Sanrad Medical Systems, the largest refurbished radiology equipment provider in India, has also found a home here. It recently unveiled a unique 5000 sq ft facility in Peenya, on the outskirts of Bangalore, to address its growing business needs.

The beginning
Sanrad had a humble beginning in the economic capital of India, Mumbai in 1994. Initially, the company offered maintenance services and later started selling refurbished Toshiba CT scanners. Since then the company has become the fourth largest medical imaging equipment company in India. It is the only Indian company in the radiology imaging market, that stands tall among reputed MNC. With about 70 employees and offices across the country the company has more than 400 installations under its brand.
The founder and CEO Ratish Nair says, "I was working with third party, involved in sales and service of Toshiba Medical Systems and realised that the customers had various issues concerning these high-end equipment. These equipment were mostly present in larger cities."
"In an effort to bring such high end equipment closer to smaller cities by reducing costs, we introduced high-end refurbished equipment from Japan." he adds.

Unusual partnership

Sanrad works with reputed MNCs based in Japan, Korea and China. "We have had a long association with T-MED corporation, Japan, that deals in refurbished Toshiba CT scanners," informs Nair. The other companies partnering with Sanrad are MDT, USA; ISOL, Korea; and XinAoMDT, China."The products are imported to the Peenya facility and then sent to the client, where it is installed," explains Nair. "After installations we provide full service and annual maintenance contracts (AMCs). Our best marketing is done by our own satisfied customers and our prices are reasonable. In fact, we do not end the relationship with a sale, in fact our relationship starts with every new sale and lasts for life," he adds.

Stressing the robust after-sales service, he says, "We are known for our prompt services. None of our machines have down-time in days. We understand that time is of essence in our business. In fact down-time does not only mean losses but also life of the patient. No client has to send a second reminder for service or maintenance. It is done promptly. We are always stocked with spares."

The products

The company is known to provide factory refurbished CT scanners and MRIs. "Our portfolio consists of single, four and 16 slices CT scanners as well as permanent open MRI models in 0.3T and 0.45T from MDT, US," says Nair. Soon the company would start rolling 1.5T MRIs from the Bengaluru facility. "We are working with a Korean company to start sales of fresh equipment in India. This is a powerful 8/16 channel subsystem with fully automated scan operation." informs Nair. "We work with an independent Quality Assurance company that certifies our products after installations." he further adds.

In future

Sanrad has ambitious expansion plans for the future. The facility at Peenya will be expanded in the coming months to add around 5000 sq ft more to the existing facility. The new facility will house the new X-ray division, that will oversee the marketing and sales of new DR systems in the Indian market. The company also plans to venture into equipment software development in future. Sanrad will also look at joint-venture manufacturing in future where the non-Indian partner will provide the technical know-how and Sanrad will provide infrastructure, manpower and finance Nair informed.