In 1984 Mr. Satishchandran Nair started a small venture dealing with natural essential oils used in pharmaceuticals, foods, flavors and aroma therapy. Few years later his brother Mr.Ratishchandran Nair, an Electronics Engineer, joined him and together they diversified into the field of medical electronics under the banner of Sanrad .
Making a humble beginning by offering maintenance services and later supplying pre-owned Toshiba CT Scanners, Sanrad carved a niche for itself in this industry. Starting with a single unit, Sanrad has to its distinction a long list of satisfied customers to whom it has sold more than 370 machines by 2012.

  • 1994 Installation of first pre-owned Toshiba TCT-80A CT in India.
  • 1996 Installation of first Toshiba TCT-300S in India.
  • 2001 Installation of First pre-owned Spiral CT / Helical CT.
  • 2003 Crossed an installed base of 100 CT systems in India.
  • 2005 Indigenously developed the first Mobile CT scanner.
  • 2007 Installation of First permanent MRI system in India.
  • 2008 Crossed an installed base of 200 CT systems.
  • 2011 Installed the first 16 slice MDCT scanner system.
  • 2012 Crossed an installed base of 370 CT systems.

Today Sanrad is the most trusted name in India for sales & service of Toshiba CT Scanners with a large installed base and excellent customer support service. Standing firm against stiff competition from global giants like GE, Siemens etc. we are poised to spread our reach and embark on the journey of growth.
Apart from the permanent Open MRI systems , we plan to introduce in the near future products like 1.5T MRI , Cathlab etc. which have good potential in the Indian market.

Awards and Recognitions
Unremitting attention towards providing top of the class service has won Sanrad critical acclaim in the radiology field by various authorities. We have been recognized as the best exhibitor in many national and regional conferences. We have won the 1st prize for the best presentation at the IRIA 2010 held at Ahmedabad.

No matter where you are or what your healthcare need. Sanrad Medical Systems will work together as one to deliver performance for you. exceptional product quality, unmatched value and unbeatable service.