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CT Update 2012 GOA

Updated on : Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Radisson-Dona Sylvia resort
Dates: 20-22 July 2012

It is once again time for us to meet in Goa to sharpen our skills as   well as share our experiences on this fascinating modality. We will   continue with our format of shorter lectures (15/20 min) so as to keep   the lectures more focused. Workshops, which are very popular, shall continue this year.

Workshop 1: HRCT of diffuse lung disease. This   will cover all aspects of HRCT from technical aspects of performing a   good HRCT, interpretation and differential diagnosis. A large number of   HRCT will be available for interpretation by the delegates.

Workshop 2: Cardiac and Vascular Angios, this   will cover all aspects of cardiac and vascular CT angios, indications,   tips and tricks in contrast delivery, optimizing image quality,   interpretation, pitfalls and hands on demonstrations of post processing   on workstations.

Workshop 3: Interventional CT in association with   Indian Academy of CT Guided Interventions with live cases from Apollo   Victor Hospital, this will cover all aspects of Interventional   CT including indications, pre procedure preparation, tips and tricks   and common pitfalls.Additionally we plan to have a live feed from a   local CT scan centre performing interventional procedure.

Scientific Programme: We will continue with our format   of shorter lectures (15/20 min) so as to keep the lectures more focused.   The lectures will have a strong clinical focus, review of clinical   cases and discussion on differential diagnosis. The best of national   faculty will be joined by international faculty to impart these   lectures.

Workstation Face off : Every year the vendors shy away   from this, this year we are determined to get this to take off!. Vendors   will be given the same dicom data set and asked to recon the data set   on their work station, providing all the clinically relevant details in   the report. The audience will be the judge!!!

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