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66th Annual Conference of IRIA.

Updated on : Thursday, December 27, 2012

66th Annual Conference of IRIA.

Venue: Daly College, Indore(M.P.)
Dates: 4th-7th January, 2013

The member of Radiological community of Madhya Pradesh are delighted   to welcome you and your family to the city of Indore for 66th Annual   Conference of IRIA commencing from January 4th , 2013.

Indore, a center of culture, courtesy and cultivation is now a hub of   medical facilities, I.T industry and management education. Yes, it is   the same Indore which is described as the best for its pleasant nights   (Shab-e-Malwa) by most of the poets in our all time contemporary   literature.

We are sure you would like to enjoy with your family the art,   culture, monumental heritage, history and archeology of Indore. This   city boasts of its situation exactly in the middle of two jyotirlings of   "Omkareshwar" and "Mahakaleshwar". Also the relic of immortal love of   "Rani Rupmati" and "Baj Bahadur", "Mandu" is an hour"s drive from   Indore. Last but not the least, the venue of this conference, Daly   College, is a heritage public school which was established a century ago   and is known for its educational standards, building, campus, greenery   and the grandeur all over the world.

Central India, the island of peace in the known history of mankind is   also known as the capital of rich and delicious food. Maintaining our   glorious tradition we promise to offer our traditional delicacies for   your palate.

We are not the only ones who are proud of our land .It was praised by   the greatest poet ever born, "Kalidas" in his Meghdootam and the great   religious leader, "Shankaracharya" in his literacy creations. Hence we   invite you to this land of history, archeology, religion, education,   modern development and delectable cuisine. Rest assured that you will   experience the best of RADIOLOGY & IMAGING in this academic fest   with national & international faculties during this event, and   world"s best equipments & technologies in trade exhibition.

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