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The 4th edition of MSBIRIA's CT Fest

Updated on : Monday, June 30, 2014
Dear Doctor
We  take  pleasure  in  informing  you  that  MSBIRIA in association with Sanrad will  be conducting  CT FEST 2014, at  the  JW MARRIOTT HOTEL, Pune from October 31-2 November 2014
This year’s program focuses on Neck, Chest and Abdomen, across both modalities, CT and MRI, and their value and advantage in different diseases and organ imaging.  The  program  consists of  a  series  of  lectures  by reputed international  speakers,  Sanrad Quiz,  Residents corner,  Spotlight Speakers, poster presentation & Gala Dinner “Sanrad Nite”  on 01st November  8.00 pm Onwards.
We wish to invite you to the CT Fest, and join us at the party on  01st November for a memorable evening.
Looking forward to welcoming you.
Sincerely yours
Ratish Nair

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