Our Team

The Team Our team of dedicated highly trained skilled workers across 10 regional and area offices spread across all over India. Along with 7 business associates covering more than 18 states. All together we have more than a hundred employees based at various offices and service hubs.

» Mr. Ratish Nair
Mr. Ratish Nair is an Electronics Engineer having more than 20 years’ experience in Medical Imaging Equipments ,and specializing in installation and service of CT and MRI. He sharpened his skills and acquired vast experience in this industry while working with United Group who were pioneers in medical imaging and dealing in Toshiba Medical Equipments. He is the CEO of Sanrad and is based at Mumbai. He was instrumental in the success and growth of the company that has enabled Sanrad acquire its formidable status in the industry. His vision, dedication and untiring efforts play a pivotal role in guiding the business of Sanrad. Mr. Ratish is responsible mainly for strategy, future plans and business development.

» Mr. Som Panicker
Mr. Som Panicker is a bio-medical Engineer having more than 22 years’ experience of installing and servicing of CT and MRI. His deep knowledge of these equipments stems from his stints with Toshiba, Hitachi and Philips. He has worked on various assignments in India and abroad. Mr. Som is the Vice President of the company responsible for MR business, Customer relations, brand building, new ventures etc.

»Mr. Shirish Lale
Mr. Shirish Lale is an Electronics Engineer having more than 27 years’ rich experience in servicing CT and MRI and is responsible for MRI service . He is based at our Regional Office in Bhopal.

»Mr. Pervez Patel
Mr. Pervez Patel is perhaps India’s most experienced MRI engineer and is having more than 32 years’ experience in CT and MRI servicing. He is responsible for site planning, quality assessment, technical trainings and technical documentation.

» Mr. Jitesh Balakrishnan
Mr. Jitesh Balakrishnan is an Electronics Engineer having more than 12 years’ experience in servicing and installation of CT scanners. He has received excellent training in various models of CT scanners and is responsible for providing all the technical services in India. He is based at Sanrad’s new Regional HO in Bangalore.

»People Behind Sanrad
Dedicated people form backbone of any organization and we are no exception. Sanrad is fortunate to have a committed workforce around 60 skilled employees across 10 regional and area offices . Almost half of this workforce comprises of well trained engineers based at different offices & service hubs .