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Refurbished Toshiba Excelart 1.5T

Toshiba gifted the Vantage 1.5T MRI system with their new Pianissimo gradient enclosure. The Pianissimo gradient enclose has the gradient coils mounted in a vacuum chamber, thus reducing acoustic noise by over 90% compared with the then conventional techniques. The noise reduction has proven to significantly increase patient comfort, improving clinical performance for high resolution/ high signal-to-noise-ratio whole-body applications.

Available Toshiba Vantage 1.5T Gradients
• Toshiba Vantage ZGV
• Toshiba Vantage XGV
• Toshiba Vantage AGV

SPEEDER/ Advance Parallel Acquisition Technology
Toshiba's SPEEDER technology supports high-speed imaging. This allows high quality diagnostic data to be acquiredin a shorter scanning time. Two coils specifically, the QD Torso SPEEDER coiland QD Head SPEEDER coil, provide exceptional performance due to their use of the multi-QD (8-QD) technique.

Toshiba Vantage's Digital RF System
The Toshiba Vantage 1.5T MRI digital RF system includes a digital transmitter and wide band 4 or 8-channel analog/digital receivers supporting ultra-fast signal processing for virtually real-time imaging, producing high resolution images with conventional linear, Quadrature and phased array coils. The digital transmitter with an output rating of 20 kW offers the precise RF-phase control needed to conduct advanced pulse sequences like FASE. RF power is emitted only when the SAR value calculated by the system is below a preset limit, thus ensuring best patient safety.

Hyper Threading technology
Hyper Threading technology, integrated into the computer system, is designed to offer excellent multi-tasking performance, allowing image reconstruction and advanced image processing simultaneously with image scanning. The Toshiba Vantage 1.5T MRI features a completely Icon-based graphic user interface. The operator, using the mouse, just points-and-clicks his or her way through the commands - The icon-based operating system makes navigating very easy and facilitates the highest possible level of productivity. The combination of highly user-friendly software, user interface and the high-performance computer and reconstruction system provides optimal performance of various operations and data processing.


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