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Here are our new product offerings.

Brand New Diagnostic Imaging Equipments


Computed Tomography

SCENARIA is FUJIFILM’s 128 Slice CT, which offers the ability to provide superior product value, combining advanced imaging technologies and reducing the dose administered. The whole body scanner comes with a 0.35-second rotation speed. This helps in the reduction of kinetic artifact, examination time and contrast volume.
FUJIFILM SCENARIA provides enhanced workflow speed and ease of use, in order to meet the needs of busy CT facilities. Combining a wider 750 mm aperture, 880 mm thin gantry, wide 480 mm tabletop, enhanced weight capacity and a unique lateral shift table, the SCENARIA provides greater patient comfort, reduces patient anxiety and stress.
SCENARIA is a scalable system that allows for future upgrades, matching and implementing upcoming features of new models as well.

Minimal scan time of just 0.35 seconds for a whole body scan 0
Touch vision panel system 0
Automatic patient positioning (head mode and body mode) 0

SUPRIA 64/128 Slice is one of FUJIFILM’s premium CT scanners.
The SUPRIA has excellent workflow speed and clear CT image quality across a wide range of applications using 64 slice acquisition and up to 128 slice reconstruction. SUPRIA 64/128 is designed keeping the patient in mind.
The scanner accommodates patients of all body shapes and sizes with a large aperture, long table and high weight capacity. The latest FUJIFILM dose reduction technologies surpass the XR-29 Smart Dose standard. In addition, it provides a larger gantry aperture of 75cm, wide table of 47.5cm and long scannable range of 180cm, which together create a best-in-class environment for the patient during a scan.

Predict scan to trigger contrast agent 0
Straightforward patient registration and easy system handling 0
Touch vision panel system, allowing scan guidance in 10 languages as well as paediatric assistance 0

The FUJIFILM SUPRIA 32 Slice is a reliable CT scanner providing high-end images across a wide range of applications.
Offering excellent workflow speed and clear CT image quality across a wide range of applications, the SUPRIA 32 uses 32 slice acquisition and up to 32 slice reconstruction and is designed keeping the patient in mind. Patients of all body shapes and sizes can be accommodated thanks to the large aperture, long table and high weight capacity of this CT Scanner. The larger 75cm gantry aperture, wide 47.5cm table and long 180cm scannable range create the perfect patient environment during a scan.
The latest FUJIFILM dose reduction technologies surpass the XR-29 Smart dose standard.

Industry’s Largest Aperture 0
Five Scan (Fields of View) 0
Slip Ring Technology 0

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

AIRIS Vento O5 (0.3T) is a break-through in price performance whole-body MRI. It is the most advanced mid-field MRI, with all of the high-end features of FUJIFILM’s well-proven AIRIS series. The award-winning open magnet maximizes patient friendliness and comfort. AIRIS Vento O5’s outstanding performance underlines FUJIFILM’s commitment to leading open MRI technology.
With powerful gradients, the AIRIS Vento O5 performs a virtually unlimited variety of advanced imaging techniques, including those previously associated exclusively with high-field MRI (e.g. fat-saturation/CHESS). The user-friendly system enables smooth and efficient patient examinations.
Even with high patient throughput, the AIRIS Vento O5’s image quality is uncompromised.

Variety of fat-saturation techniques 0
Low noise emission 0
Average power consumption only 2.5 kW 0

The APERTO Lucent O5 (0.4T) is the new, elegant open-sided mid-field MRI which gives high-field application clarity. By applying advanced Fujifilm technologies APERTO Lucent O5 enables accurate diagnosis using the highest image quality.
With its single pillar design the APERTO Lucent O5 uses open space ergonomics to offer extraordinary comfort to the patient while also making examinations completely effortless.

Provides high-end MRI, at the cost of a permanent system 0
Outstanding image quality 0
Low running costs 0

Enter the future with Trillium Oval, the widest 3T MR System available. With a 74cm wide bore, this 3T MRI combines both comfort and convenience with the latest imaging technology.

The Widest Oval Bore 3T MRI 0
Precise magnetic field control 0
Efficiency At Its Best 0

The concepts for ECHELON Smart are SmartQUALITY, SmartSPEED, SmartCOMFORT, SmartECO, and SmartSPACE. Boasting both extraordinary image quality and exquisitely smooth workflow performance, it also features quiet sound technology that helps deliver a more pleasant testing experience to the examinee, an energy-saving function that reduces running cost, and a flexible design that broadens its potential to be installed into spaces otherwise unable to accommodate traditionally-designed MRIs.

SmartSPEED Technology – 1.5T superconducting system for a fast scanning 0
SmartCOMFORT Technology – great comfort and reduced anxiety 0
Rich variety of advanced imaging features such as RADAR™, RAPID™, TIGRE™, TRAQ™, FLUTE™, VASC™ supporting every clinical challenge 0

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