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Case Studies

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WIINS, Kohlapur

Sanrad Medical Systems Effectively Eliminates Reliability and Service Issues of Advanced Imaging Equipment at WIINS


Western India Institute of Neuro Sciences (popularly known as WIINS) is an ultra-modern, high-tech centre for Neurosurgery located in the bustling city of Kolhapur. Maharashtra. Due to the specialised nature of medical procedures being performed, the facility hosts a large number of patients from across the country and requires meticulous planning, preparation and reliable diagnostic imaging equipment to complete significant surgeries successfully, every day.

The Problem

Imaging equipment is highly advanced and is a necessity for medical practitioners, especially at WIINS, to deal with patient cases related to Neurosciences for diagnostic purposes. The facility’s procurement of specific sophisticated equipment from a sub-standard vendor resulted in frequent breakdowns. A lack of proper maintenance schedule and service personnel coupled with a growing list of patients being denied critical health services caused numerous delays, loss of revenue and confidence among the fraternity for all necessary surgeries to be performed.

The Results

By engaging with Sanrad as a diagnostic partner and vendor, the facility has seen a dramatic improvement in the quality and reliability of affordable advanced imaging equipment being offered which tightly couples routine maintenance and prompt help-line services as part of the deal. This has resulted in quicker turn-around services for patients requiring critical care, better planning and preparation on the part of the surgeons to accommodate more patients and finally, lesser cost burden to the hospital.